Get to Know Keswick Community Health

January 25, 2:00–3:30 pm in the Keswick Auditorium

Register for or Learn from an on-site representative about upcoming educational and enrichment programs.

Ask those all important questions, “How is Keswick a resource for the community? How can they be a resource for me and my needs? What exactly does Keswick Community Health do?”
Find out the answers to those questions and more while you Relax with some light refreshments and Aromatouch Therapy.

This event is open to the community as well as employees.

Stepping On…Falls Prevention (A program of Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging)

  • SERIES Begins: March 15, 2017; Seven weeks + Intro Session; Two hours/weekly class
  • Participants: Just about anyone!… those who are either at risk of falling, have a fear of falling or have fallen at least once in the past year.
  • Description: Reduce your fall risk! Build strength and balance skills. Guest speakers offer insight in how to reduce risk related to environment, medications, exercise and nutrition, etc.

Petite Retreat

  • SERIES Begins March 9, 2017
  • Participants: Have a diagnosis of early-stage dementia, and care partners (optional)
  • Description: A place to make new friends facing similar challenges, share resources and gain new tools and perspective to live well with early-stage dementia.

Brain Boot Camp

  • SERIES Begins: March 7, 2017; Four weeks; 1.5 hours/weekly class
  • Participants: Anyone up for the challenge of committing to a weekly brain boot camp!
  • Description: Exercise your brain! Engage with others in games to challenge your mind and improve focus, creativity, and mental clarity.

Chronic Disease Self-Management (A program of Stanford University)

  • SERIES Begins: February 27, 2017; Six weeks + One Intro Session; 2.5 hours/weekly class
  • Participants: Specifically for men who have a diagnosis of at least one chronic health condition i.e. hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Description: Participants build self-confidence to better manage their health condition(s), medications, and increase physical activity levels for overall well-being.