Keswick’s Healthy at Home Program Featured in The Daily Record

On June 22, 2015,  Keswick’s CEO Carmel Roques was featured in the Maryland Daily Record’s article “Health Care Nonprofits Launch Program for Seniors to Stay Healthy and at Home”.  This program allows Keswick to expand its efforts and help seniors stay in their homes as long as possible. A team of community health workers stay in close touch with patients to make sure they have what they need once they leave a facility. This program is further bolstered by its partnership with Action in Maturity (AIM) and Goven’s Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO).

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Keswick Welcomes James Warner Executive Director and Nursing Home Administrator of Record

Keswick, a Baltimore healthcare provider for older adults, announced the appointment of James Warner. Warner will serve as the organization’s Executive Director and Nursing Home Administrator of Record.

“Jim brings extensive experience in executive and staff leadership at every level within a medical facility and has the unique ability to connect with all audiences,” said Carmel Roques, President and CEO of Keswick. “He will be highly effective in leading the day-to-day operations at Keswick and working together with staff and leadership in providing our on-campus services.”

In his new role, Warner will be responsible for operations for the facility’s long-term care, rehabilitation and assisted living services. Keswick serves more than 1,000 persons annually on its 40th Street campus (and 755 more within its Community Health Resources branch). – Read More

Keeping memories sharp while aging…WMAR TV features Keswick’s art program

It’s being called art, but it’s also helping some older people re-shape memories and keep their brains sharp as they age.
That’s the thinking behind a new theory that as we get older, there are different ways of keeping our minds and our memories sharp, and that one way of doing that is through art.
“As we grow older, we don’t actually just somehow turn off the creativity spicket,” said Carmel Roques, President and CEO at the Keswick Multicare Facility in Baltimore, where groups of residents work to re-illustrate their pasts a stroke at a time.

You’re In Charge…Brain Health!

Keswick’s Brain Health program offerings inspire, educate and create opportunities for YOU to enhance your brain power! Explore new interests and engage in brain fitness practices that contribute to overall well-being. The Mind-Body Connection focuses on key component for improved Brian Health. Recharge Your Brian! Grow New Brian Pathways! Have Fun!

Hospice 101 For Families and Caregivers


Learn how proper planning now can protect you and your family in the years to come.

Surprisingly, many people still don’t know what hospice is, and others have misconceptions about what hospice does. This workshop will inform you about how hospice can help patients live with grace and dignity and support the family as they find the courage to move forward after loss.

PRESENTER: Regina Bodnar, RN, MS, MSN, CHPCA, Gilchrist Hospice Care

Join us for this FREE community event and learn about the plans all adults should have in place to make sure their wishes are followed and their assets are protected. Bring your family, and learn how to achieve peace of mind about what the future holds.

Light hors d’oeuvres & beverages will be provided.

RSVPs are encouraged: or call 410.662.4346

Keswick has teamed up with Gilchrist Hospice Care to bring this series of informative discussions to the members of our community.