Keswick Featured in CityBizList Article on Expansion of the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors Program

CityBizList featured Keswick and our President and CEO, Carmel Roques in a recent article on the expansion of the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors Program.


“In Baltimore City, more than a quarter of all owner-occupied homes are owned by older adults, and 17 percent of all older adults in the City live below the poverty level. Because members of this population are more likely to live on a fixed income and experience limited mobility, they often have substantial housing needs. HUBS was created in 2015 to connect many of these vulnerable older adults with services for which they are eligible. The project has been successful, but limited funding and systemic challenges have hampered the initiative. The result is a backlog of more than 600 low-income older adults waiting—some for as long as three years—to receive vital home repairs to their roofs, furnaces, and hot water heaters.

To eliminate this current backlog, and to ensure prompt service moving forward, partners, along with Baltimore City and Maryland state dollars, have pledged funds to create a total program budget of nearly $12 million.”

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