Diabetes Prevention Program

The Wise & Well Center, in partnership MedStar Health, is offering a free, online 12-month lifestyle change program designed to help prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. Participants will learn to make lasting lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier, adding physical activity into their daily routine and improving coping skills. This program is held weekly during the first 16 weeks of the program, then monthly for the remainder of the year. Participants will work at their own pace and have up to seven days to complete each module. Participants must have access to a computer, smart phone, or mobile app and have an active email address for this online program. Inquire with the Wise & Well Center to learn about other valuable supports to propel you forward on your diabetes prevention. This is a virtual class. 

Date: Monday, April 12                  Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Please call 443-444-4793 to register with MedStar Health