Healthy Eating, Active Living Series

Summer HEALs Returns!


This popular summer series is returning to Keswick on June 20th from 1-3pm. The best part? It’s free!


These classes focus on introduction to healthy habits of health and wellness, lifestyle and behavior change for lasting impact. Learn how to plan a meal, move your body, manage stress, feel better in a very interactive and engaging format.


  • Journey to Wellness
  • What’s Cookin’?
  • Hop On the Brain Train!
  • Movin’ & Groovin’
  • From Clutter to Clarity
  • Living Your best Life!

This class is offered in 6 optional stand-alone sessions. Snacks and beverages provided.

Participants: Anyone who is looking to establish new habits for well being

To reserve a spot, please call 410-662-4363 or email!