Iconic Photos Discussion

Join us for a lively discussion as Keswick’s Artist-in-Residence, Sara Kaltwasser, shares her selections of the world’s most iconic photos with us. This is a Live only event.

Date: Friday, August 19 Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

What is an iconic photo? “An iconic image connects to the collective. Whether through the sharing of strong emotional content or a scene so captivating or proactive that it draws you in, an iconic image is an something that you cannot look away from. The greatest and most iconic images inspire us to change, to feel something deeply, or to empathize with someone new. These images recall something for us; unforgettable – we can map the moments of our life by them. As a result, we often trace these images to important memories in our shared histories. In that shared history, we see ourselves and who we can be.” – Sara

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