Keswick Featured in the Daily Record Article on Holistic Senior Health

Keswick’s President and CEO, Carmel Roques, was featured in the Daily Records article on how Maryland needs to approach a holistic view to senior health:

“Caring for Maryland’s aging population will require more than hospitals and acute treatment centers as advocates call for a holistic approach to treating their health care needs. As this population grows to become a more significant portion of the people living in Maryland, the resources available to help them will likely not be adequate. ‘Most Marylanders’ don’t have the resources they need to age well,’ said Carmel Roques, president and CEO of Keswick. ‘We know that our numbers are growing rapidly in Maryland and we know that funding for any kind of services for older Americans from the federal level is dropping or is flat-funded.'”


To read the full article click this link:

Daily Record 3 23 18