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There’s a lot of good news to share — from our staff being recognized for their outstanding work to our partnerships and outreach in the community — you’ll want to hear about everything that’s happening at Keswick.


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Upcoming Events

  • Bingo

    7/23/21 2:00 pm - 9/24/21 3:00 pm

    Bingo, one of America’s favorite games of chance! Join us for a card or two of virtual fun! Get your pens ready to mark off that Free Space! You can… Read more »

  • Beautiful Baltimore

    7/21/21 11:30 am - 9/15/21 12:30 pm

    Take a virtual tour of Baltimore’s amazing parks. Learn about the history and evolution of various local parks. Share your own memories from these spaces, and get information about current… Read more »

  • Service Coordination

    7/13/21 1:00 pm - 9/14/21 2:00 pm

    Have questions? Need support? Join us for a group Q & A session on how you can navigate over, under and through some of the barriers in your way that… Read more »

  • Your Best Life

    7/9/21 2:00 pm - 9/30/21 3:00 pm

    Your Best Life walks members through the big picture of life and well-being. How we feel tomorrow is not just about physical health. When we view life across the various… Read more »

  • Brain Blast Challenge

    7/2/21 2:30 pm - 9/17/21 2:30 pm

    Join us for some entertaining brain game exercises to stir up your brain’s super pathways! Challenge your mind – your brain will thank you! Live and virtual classes will cover… Read more »

  • Wise & Well Member Orientation

    7/2/21 11:00 am - 9/7/21 3:00 pm

    This Wise & Well Orientation walks new members through a holistic picture of health and well-being. How you feel is not just about your physical health; it is about overall… Read more »

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