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There’s a lot of good news to share — from our staff being recognized for their outstanding work to our partnerships and outreach in the community — you’ll want to hear about everything that’s happening at Keswick.


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Upcoming Events

  • Finding Your Voice, with Claudette Gadsden

    3/25/20 3:30 pm - 3/25/20 7:30 pm

    Join experienced Conversation Coach Claudette Gadsden in an engaging discussion that will help you discover your voice, remove the noise, and help gain clarity around your visions and goals. Register… Read more »

  • Ceramics & Sculpture -Decal Mosaics

    2/29/20 1:00 pm - 3/28/20 3:00 pm

    Create your own Mosaic with Community Artist and Curator, Sarah McCann. A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assembling of small pieces of colored glass,… Read more »

  • Art in Action – Discussion Series

    2/26/20 5:00 pm - 4/29/20 7:00 pm

    Learn about, look at, and discuss ART! Do you love art? Would you like to learn more about the history of your favorite artists, makers and movements? Join us for… Read more »

  • Conversations on Being Human: What Matters….

    2/22/20 4:30 pm - 4/18/20 4:00 pm

    Modern medicine has the ability to keep us alive longer through more interventions. As educated consumers, our role is to understand them and decide what is right for us. Advanced… Read more »

  • Group Acupuncture

    2/13/20 1:00 pm - 4/16/20 2:00 pm

    Join Laura Sicari, Acupuncturist, as she shares information about the healing power of acupuncture and how this core technique works with the meridians within the body, or life force energy,… Read more »

  • My Voice Matters – Special Project Series

    2/4/20 10:00 am - 3/17/20 12:00 pm

    Wise & Well Artist-in-Residence, Sara Kaltwasser, will guide participants through this special project! Your creativity can make a statement! You are a powerful person, and YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Using poster… Read more »

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