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There’s a lot of good news to share — from our staff being recognized for their outstanding work to our partnerships and outreach in the community — you’ll want to hear about everything that’s happening at Keswick.


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  • Tai Ji Quan

    4/12/21 1:00 pm - 9/22/21 2:00 pm

    Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) is a research-based balance training program designed to assist participants with balance improvements and reduce the risk of falls. This course blends… Read more »

  • Brain Bootcamp

    4/7/21 2:00 pm - 4/28/21 3:30 pm

    Brain Bootcamp is designed as a brain fitness challenge that, like a fitness bootcamp, is fast-paced, frequently changes activity intervals, requires on-the-spot thinking, and challenges the group to “push” their… Read more »

  • Walk Club

    4/6/21 10:30 am - 4/27/21 11:30 am

    Wise & Well Walkers will take on the streets of Roland Park before the sun gets too high in the sky! Don’t forget your comfortable walking shoes, visor/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen,… Read more »

  • Mosaic Stepping Stone

    4/3/21 11:00 am - 4/24/21 1:00 pm

    Join artist Sarah McCann to make a mosaic stepping stone for your yard or garden. Participants will learn how to lay out a design, cut glass, mortar and grout in… Read more »

  • Artful Minds 6: Open Studio with Vy Vu

    4/2/21 1:30 pm - 5/14/21 3:30 pm

    Need a little bit more time to work on a project with the guidance of a trained art professional? Are you looking for mentorship as you cultivate your art practice?… Read more »

  • Artful Minds 5: Puppet Making with Vy Vu

    4/2/21 10:00 am - 5/14/21 12:00 pm

    Make your own Rod Puppet! This course is an extension of our fall session of Mask-Making & Puppetry. In this seven-week session, participants will learn how to make a full… Read more »

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