Press Release: University of Maryland School of Medicine Study Begins on ICmed’s Digital Health Engagement Solution at Keswick

Keswick is exhilarated to announce that Keswick Community Health will be serving as the first research site for University of Maryland Medical Center’s study on ICmed’s digital health engagement solution.

“Emerging digital health company ICmed announced today that research has commenced on a study of older adults using its digital health engagement solution. Focused on increasing patient and caregiver engagement to improve behavior and health outcomes, ICmed’s solution is composed of a consumer (patient/family/caregiver) facing mobile app that digitally connects to an enterprise dashboard for engagement, workflow management and communication.

Led by the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, the study’s Principal Investigator is Charlene C. Quinn, PhD, RN. Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Public Health. Baltimore’s Keswick Community Health is serving as the first research site, involving dyads of older adults and caregivers. Phase one of the study will evaluate feasibility; phase two will determine patient engagement to improve health outcomes for older adults. A $200,000 Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) competitive grant is funding the study.”

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