Project Zero (0) Challenge

We’ve all been cooped up fighting off boredom and the COVID-19 weight gain. Plus, winter and the holidays are coming up and NOBODY wants the added weight gain that often comes with them. Join us for this challenge: ZERO weight gain during the month of December! Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for Project Zero between November 16 – 30
  • Sign up for a curbside, drive-up weigh-in or virtual weigh-in (must have an accurate scale at home) between December 1 – 4
  • It costs $10 to enter the challenge (call 410-662-4263 or stop by Wise & Well to register)
  • Sign up for your final curbside, drive-up weigh-in or virtual weigh-in (December & January weights must be same method) between January 4 – 8
  • If you don’t do your final weigh-in, or if you gain 2 pounds or more, your money goes towards creating new and exciting programs
  • If you maintain or lose weight, you will get $20 in Wise & Well course credits
  • The male and female member with the greatest weight loss will win an awesome prize (to be announced later)

To help you succeed this December, we also have a Movement Challenge!

The Movement Challenge will run from December 1 – 31. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the challenge by Monday, November 30
  • You will receive 1 point for every fitness or movement class you take with Wise & Well
  • Top point earner will be deemed the Wise & Well “Member on the Move” and be featured in our very first Member Spotlight!