Purple Weekend Featured in The Baltimore Sun

Keswick is honored to be sponsoring Purple Sunday with the Alzheimer’s Association to bring awareness about Alzheimer’s to the faith communities in Baltimore. The Purple Sunday Kick off was held in the Keswick auditorium this past Wednesday. Our work was featured in the recent article “Raising awareness about Alzheimer’s through the stories of families” by Andrea K. McDaniels for the Baltimore Sun.

Our CEO, Carmel Roques, is interviewed in the article about the importance of story telling in spreading awareness: “Carmel Roques, CEO of Keswick, a company that provides health care services to chronically ill older adults, including those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, said documentaries are a good way to bring attention to issues.

Families of Alzheimer’s patients often find themselves thrust into a role for which they aren’t prepared. As a loved one’s memories fade, caregivers often have to step into more and more aspects of the Alzheimer’s victims’ lives. Spouses go from being partners to having one person be the sole decision-maker in the relationship.

‘It is not like when someone you love dies and then you grieve and have to adjust,’ Roques said. ‘They keep changing and you have to adjust and it happens again and again.'”

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