"Keswick exceeded all my expectations for rehab. The staff made my pain very, very easy to manage for my rehab improvement."

"For me, Keswick Community Health provides an opportunity to get out of my apartment and do some creative things and be with like-minded people."

"Since coming here, I started getting the help that I need. I am able to think like myself and can talk to people. I am blessed to have ya’ll help me out."

"I’ve been in multiple nursing facilities in recent months for my own care, but have never met a more detail-oriented, caring, attentive, thorough and kind healthcare professionals."

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    When you leave the hospital, you have a choice for what happens next. Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation at Keswick helps you recover quickly, safely and with the support you need.

  • Community Health Services

    Keswick Community Health’s Wise & Well Center for Healthy Living is the first of its kind in Maryland. Designed as a place for older people to pursue their health and well-being goals, the membership-based center offers classes, coaching and personalized services across multiple dimensions of wellness.


    Keswick’s Adult Day Services are the ideal option for older adults seeking socialization, meaningful activities, and the individualized care and attention they need.


    Keswick’s long-term senior care provides 24-hour comprehensive nursing and medical care in a comfortable and home-like setting.

Our Services

  • Get back to the life you love — quickly, safely and with the support you need.

    When you leave the hospital, Keswick is here to help you start your journey home. Our Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation programs provide customized care to fit your unique needs, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

  • Better healthcare for all of Baltimore.

    WELCOME to the Wise & Well Center for Healthy Living, the hub for Keswick Community Health activities! The first of its kind in Maryland, Wise & Well is designed as a place for older people to pursue their health and well-being goals. This membership-based center offers classes, coaching and personalized services across multiple dimensions of wellness. Wise & Well serves as a partner in developing purpose and meaning and staying active and connected – the proven foundation for healthy aging.

    Community Health Services
  • When you want the best: Choose Keswick.

    Adult Day Services at Keswick provide transportation, nutritious meals, and a highly qualified team that has expertise in geriatric and dementia care, including our registered nurse, social worker, dietician, activities specialist and physical, occupational and speech therapists.

    Adult Day Services
  • A higher level of care.

    Families choose Keswick because our skilled healthcare team has a reputation for delivering a higher level of care for all of our residents. Long-term care residents require the commitment and attention of the area’s most dedicated healthcare team – and that’s what they’ll experience at Keswick.

    Long-Term Care

About Us

With 130 years of expertise, Keswick has become the area’s premier provider of services for older adults. Committed to enhancing the quality of life for the guests and residents it serves, Keswick provides a variety of award winning services that enhance their lives & get them back to doing what they love. Find out more.


Keswick’s Long-Term Care residents and their families were surveyed in 2018 by the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). According to the MHCC 2018 Maryland Nursing Facility Family Survey report for the most recent year on record (2018), Keswick rated as follows:


Keswick received an exceptional 8.2 rating for overall care and outranked the Maryland statewide average of 7.7.


95% of responsible parties would recommend Keswick, exceeding the statewide average of 81% recommendation rate.

(OUT OF 4)

Keswick scored an impressive 3.5 (out of 4) for Staff and Administration of the Nursing Home and Autonomy & Residents Rights, which surpasses the statewaide average of 3.4.


Is long-term care the right choice for you and your family? Carmel Roques, Keswick’s President and CEO, discusses this question and the variety of options available to you as you age. Carmel talks about how you know when long-term care is the right option, how to pay for it when the time is right and how Keswick can help you be Wise & Well! As a Geriatric Center of Excellence with over 130 year of experience caring for older adults in Baltimore, Keswick is there for you during every stage of the aging process.