Choose Keswick for Community Health Services

Keswick’s Community Health Services serve Baltimore’s population beyond our Roland Park campus with Brain Health and Home & Healthy® programs.

Community Health Services

Community Health Services

Keswick’s team works with older adults throughout Baltimore to improve the way they approach physical, mental and emotional health.

Brain Health Program 

Keswick offers a Brain Health Program that helps guests and residents improve brain function and sharpen memory by integrating physical and emotional wellness, nutrition, spiritual wellness and socialization. Through education and activities centered on diet and exercise, stress management and social interaction, our residents enhance mental clarity and achieve a greater sense of confidence.

Home & Healthy® 

The road to better health starts at home. Keswick’s Home & Healthy® program is designed to support members after they complete rehabilitation at Keswick and return home. Our team of healthcare professionals remains in ongoing contact to answer questions, provide information and offer continued encouragement. Home & Healthy® also uses Keswick’s network of trusted community partners to assist members in finding additional services they may need at home, including home health care, caregiver services, medical equipment, pharmacy services, and more. Overall, Home & Healthy® is your trusted partner and resource for information, and our goal is to help members reach and maintain full recovery and avoid further hospitalization.

Contact the Community Health Services office at  410-662-4363 or CommunityHealth@ChooseKeswick.Org for more information.