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Cardio Zone Fitness Class

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

Are you looking to increase your aerobic fitness? Do you miss using the equipment at the gym? Are you looking for a challenge to your current routine? If so, join […]

Art in Action – Series 3: Around the World with Art

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

Join Artist in Residence, Sara Kaltwasser, for this engaging virtual art offering. Delve into narratives about your favorite artists’ lives, while learning about the experiences and ideas that informed some […]

$15.00 – $30.00

Wise & Well Member Orientation

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

This Wise & Well Orientation walks new members through a holistic picture of health and well-being. Learn how to navigate the Wise & Well course booklet as we highlight logistics […]


Creative Writing

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

This workshop encourages creative expression through end of the week free writing. Each session, participants will be given writing prompts to explore and share with the group. This is a […]


Tai Chi

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

Tai Chi improves balance, lowers blood pressure, increases energy levels, and lowers falls risk. Movements are simple and easy to learn. You may choose to attend Live or Virtually. Facilitator: […]

Register $15.00 – $30.00 44 tickets left

Brain Blast Challenge

700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD

Join us for some fun brain game exercises to stir up your brain’s super pathways! Challenge your mind - your brain will thank you! Live and virtual classes will cover […]

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