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Keswick’s Wise & Well Center is always looking for talented instructors to join our team!

Everyone can Teach, Everyone can Learn

Do you have a profession, hobby, passion or interest that would benefit our senior community? If you would like to share that skill, have some fun, and meet new people, Keswick’s Wise & Well is the place for you! Wise & Well has a full range of ever expanding educational classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an “expert” or have specific credentials to teach a class?
No, classes at Wise & Well are generally introductory classes – very concrete and generally short in length. You don’t have to be an “expert” to share your skills in a class, if you have experience and knowledge in the subject area.


How long should my class be?
This depends on the class that you are teaching. Most classes work best if they meet somewhere between 1 and 4 times. Some classes meet only one time, and a few meet for the entire Quarter, and then repeated. 


Will I get paid to teach at Keswick Wise & Well?
Generally, we pay instructors on a per-student basis. Instructors can choose the amount they would like to be paid per student, though they are welcome to volunteer their time. We are also able to account for expenses of class supplies or materials in the student fee and reimburse the instructor for those in addition to their per-student payment. Keswick strives to keep classes affordable for our patrons.


Will I be teaching Virtually on Zoom?
We offer Live and Virtual classes, quite often a mix of both.

Interested? Let’s Talk

Give us a call at 410.235.8860 or send us an email below and a Wise & Well Coordinator will contact you!

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