• Somatic Movement

    3/17/21 3:00 pm - 4/28/21 4:00 pm

    Want to age well? Aging does not have to be a downward spiral! This gentle movement class, based on the Feldenkrais Method, can work to ensure that you don’t lose… Read more »

  • Walk Club

    4/6/21 10:30 am - 4/27/21 11:30 am

    Wise & Well Walkers will take on the streets of Roland Park before the sun gets too high in the sky! Don’t forget your comfortable walking shoes, visor/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen,… Read more »

  • Tai Ji Quan

    4/12/21 1:00 pm - 9/22/21 2:00 pm

    Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) is a research-based balance training program designed to assist participants with balance improvements and reduce the risk of falls. This course blends… Read more »

  • AgeStrong

    3/12/21 10:00 am - 4/30/21 11:00 am

    Strength training improves tone, stamina and balance while reducing the symptoms of diabetes, osteoporosis and depression. It helps in improving arthritis and aids in falls prevention. Using hand weights and… Read more »

  • Weekly Unwind

    3/18/21 4:30 pm - 4/29/21 5:30 pm

    Has it been a long week? Need to unwind? This yoga and meditation class will get your body moving thru active yoga flow poses accompanied by meditative practices to still… Read more »

  • Mosaic Stepping Stone

    4/3/21 11:00 am - 4/24/21 1:00 pm

    Join artist Sarah McCann to make a mosaic stepping stone for your yard or garden. Participants will learn how to lay out a design, cut glass, mortar and grout in… Read more »